Teeth Whitening in Barnes, London

Teeth Whitening in Barnes, London

How to get Professional Teeth Whitening in Barnes, London

Your first step when getting your teeth whitened is an initial consultation with your dentist – to ensure you are dentally fit for whitening treatment before we begin. If so, a dental impression is then taken and custom trays made from this impression and so that your new trays fit your teeth exactly.

With Philips Zoom! in-practice teeth whitening, you can unlock a smile up to 6 shades whiter in just 45 minutes. The added bonus? You get outstanding results with little to no sensitivity.

Why choose Philips Zoom! in-practice whitening?

When you choose in-practice teeth whitening, stronger whitening ingredients are used to safely complete your treatment. The result? Instantly brighter teeth, with little to no sensitivity.

Why use teeth whitening professionals?

Over-the-counter teeth bleaching kits are popular but can come with the risk of sensitivity and gum irritation. When you’re looking for the best whitening treatment, you should always consult a dental professional to ensure you get great results, and a process that’s safe and gentle on your teeth.

From convenient, prescribed home teeth whitening products to in-practice professional whitening, look at safe, effective options that you can talk through with your dentist or dental hygienist.

Additional teeth whitening options

If you want to touch-up to your smile (or kick-start the whitening process), QuickPro professional teeth whitening gives affordable, immediate results. The beauty with this is that you spend very little time in the dentist’s chair, and you can be on your way almost straight after our varnishes have been applied. You’ll get noticeable results, with a smile up to 4 shades brighter in only 30 minutes.


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Contact us about Teeth Whitening in London

If you would like to discuss your Teeth Whitening Treatment with a confidential chat with a member of our team, please contact us by calling on 020 8563 7177 or by emailing us at info@castelnaudentists.com.

For additional information, please see the Philips Zoom website.

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