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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is needed when the dental pulp inside of your tooth becomes inflammed or infected. This is often caused by tooth decay and is unlikely to go away on its own. This infection is likely to spread to your other teeth and gums if left untreated, so it is of upmost importance to receive root canal treatment before more damage is caused.

Why Root Canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is the only means of saving a tooth when the nerves and blood vessels within the tooth have been damaged or have died. Caused by deep decay, a crack or trauma, if the damaged tooth is not treated, an abscess or infection may ensue, which can be painful and debilitating.

Who would carry out my treatment?

Your dentist will be able to carry out this treatment for you, or depending on the complexity of your individual case, you may be referred to our Specialist Endodontist - who has the particular expertise and equipment to carry out complex root canal procedures.

Does Root Canal treatment hurt?

A local anaesthesia is used so it should feel no different to having an ordinary filling.

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The Castelnau Dentists approach to Dental Care

At Castelnau Dentists our approach is simple, we believe in offering the best in personalised dental care and state of the art technologies set in the comfort of a relaxed and safe environment. This means we believe in ensuring each of our valued patients feel fully comfortable and confident in every step of their treatment.

Taking the time to understand your concerns as well as your aspirations for your new smile, our highly experienced team will clearly explain how dental treatment could change your life and help you smile with confidence. Whilst answering any questions or queries you may have, our aim is to help you find the right treatment for you, based on your budget and individual requirements.

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Repair Infected Teeth with Root Canal Treatment

Please see below xrays showing before and after treatment :


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The Reassurance of Putting your Smile in Safe Hands
Our dentists have years of training and experience, and our Specialist Endodontist has extra qualification around carrying out complex Root Canal treatment.
Friendly and Caring Team
Together we are caring and supportive in our approach, and dedicated to providing our patients with dental treatment of the highest standard.
Open, Honest Advice and Clear Pricing Policy
We operate an open and honest pricing policy, as well as provide detailed treatment plans so that our patients know exactly what is involved in treatment before we begin.
Comfortable and Relaxed Environment
We are proud to offer the best in personalised dental care and state of the art technologies set in the comfort of a friendly, relaxed and safe environment.
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