Playing sports with Invisalign

Playing sports with Invisalign

Do you play sports and want to have Invisalign® Treatment?

Find out just how Invisalign® can fit in with your busy lifestyle and answers to questions in having Invisalign® Clear Aligners and playing sports. Get the straight facts about Invisalign® treatment, from a professional sportsman, to find out if it’s right for you.

Press play on the Invisalign video below to find out more.

Video answering questions about Invisalign®:

Invisalign Clear Aligners at Castelnau Dentist

Invisalign Clear Aligners have been designed with a hectice lifestyle in mind and in being removeable you may take them out for sports and activities. In using the latest Invisalign Treatment Simulator technology, yuo can be rest assured that your aligners will be so comfortable to wear too.

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