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Is your smile stopping you from finding love?

Is your smile stopping you from finding love?

A healthy smile has been ranked as the physical attribute most likely to attract a new partner, according to new research carried out by health charity the Oral Health Foundation.

More than two thirds of those polled (69 per cent) ranked it in their top three most attractive attributes, ahead of eyes (64 per cent), face (41 per cent) and body shape (24 per cent). The only attribute that achieved more votes than a smile was personality (71 per cent).

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, discussed what the findings may mean to our hopes of finding love. He said: “I think it is fair to say that our oral health is closely related to attraction and our chances of finding love. A nice smile seems to be a deciding factor between getting a second date or never getting a text back". The research, part of National Smile Month, a charity campaign to improve the UK’s oral health, also found that bad breath is by far the overwhelming attribute that would put us off a potential partner. Bad breath was judged to be the worst offender by almost nine in every ten people (86 per cent).

At Castelnau Dentists we are passionate about helping our patients look after and make the most of their smiles. From NHS Dental Care and a wide choice of high quality Private Dental Treatments to a friendly, caring team and Saturday appointments – we are committed to doing this in an affordable, professional and convenient way.

Dr Alex Jabour explains “When it comes to bad breath, making sure you maintain good oral health care is the best way to prevent this. This means routine visits to the dentist for a thorough dental examination to ensure that your teeth and gums are tip top condition, as well as regular visits to the hygienist”.

He adds “Playing an important part in reducing your oral health problems, a dental hygiene appointment includes a gentle yet thorough clean of your teeth to remove the build-up of harmful plaque. The odour causing bacteria is removed, and your teeth are polished in order to remove any light stains for a sparkling clean smile. You will also be advised about brushing and flossing techniques so that your oral health between visits can be maintained to ensure harmful bacteria is kept at bay”.

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For more information about the research carried out by the Oral Health Foundation, please click here >>

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