Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from 19 July 2021


Following the announcement of the easing of restrictions from Monday, 19th July 2021, we kindly ask you to continue to wear a mask.

A great many people in our local community are still at serious risk should they be infected with Covid-19, and whilst those people may well choose to minimise their personal risk and avoid the newly reopened and derestricted clubs, pubs, restaurants, cinemas and sports events, etc. they cannot avoid healthcare settings. Seeing a dentist when you have a dental problem is not optional, just as going to a hospital or doctor if you are ill is not. 

With this in mind we will be continuing to ask you to wear a mask and to respect our social distancing guidance in the practice. We will continue to screen patients on entry, which will remain by appointment only. Enhanced PPE for staff and extra decontamination steps and time will remain in place, as they have had a good effect for the last year, until we are advised by the authorities that inspect and regulate us that it is reasonable to stop this in healthcare settings, which is unlikely to be anytime soon. 

Hopefully this will put your mind at rest and will explain why some of the changes in society are not mirrored quite so quickly within healthcare.

This next phase will see us continually adapting our service to provide you, our patients an experience that you feel comfortable with. Whatever happens it’s important to remember, as a community we get through this next chapter together happily, helpfully and healthily.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

All of the team,

Castelnau Dentists

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