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Subtly Add Volume to Enhance and Reshape Lips

Enhance the beauty of your lips with 'Lip Fillers' at Castelnau Dentists. Treatment is provided by Christie Lawton - who is an experienced Facial Aesthetics practitioner. We use 'Lip Fillers' that deliver a natural look and feel, and results that can last up to a year.

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What are the Benefits of Lip Fillers?

Proving a full, natural-looking smile with beautiful curves - 'Lip Fillers' are a popular treatment which provide many benefits including:  

  • Lip Fillers add volume and definition to lips, producing a sensual, more pronounced pout
  • Gives a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance
  • Can help turn the corners of the mouth upwards
  • The treatment is non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary; you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment
  • Non-permanent and will naturally break down
  • The treatment can be tailored to your needs providing a natural look


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Add Volume to your Lips

Please see an example below of before and after treatment:


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How much do Lip Fillers cost?

The cost of treatment to naturally enhance your smile with Lip Fillers starts at £295 - however as introductory offer, treatment is currently available from £260 for a limited period only.

How do Lip Fillers work?

'Lip Fillers' are a type of dermal filler (such as Juvéderm® ULTRA) that has been specifically developed for your lips. It is a smooth gel that is injected by your clinician using an ultra-fine needle into your top and bottom lips. It has been specifically developed as a smooth gel to give a soft, natural feel. The gel fills in lip lines and wrinkles, while the hyaluronic acid within it attracts and retains moisture, so results can last up to a year.

How long does treatment take?

This is a simple non-surgical procedure that usually takes 30 minutes to give instant results.

What should I expect before treatment?

During your initial consultation, your clinician (Christie) will have an in-depth consultation with you to discuss any questions or queries you may have, as well as to fully understand the final look you would like to achieve with treatment so that he can create a final result that you are happy with.

What should I do after treatment?

Your clinician (Christie) will advise you on your aftercare during your treatment appointment. You may be advised to stop wearing makeup for up to 12 hours. You may also be told to avoid the sun, as well as saunas and steam rooms, for 2 weeks. Some people experience a little temporary tenderness, swelling or bruising around the injection sites. It is also recommended that you avoid additional treatments in the treated area for the next 7 days.

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