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Dentist Video Consultation in South West London, with Castelnau Dentists.

How to book your video appointment

in 5 quick and easy steps

  • 1To book a video appointment (for private cosmetic treatments only), please fill in our contact form below or call us on 0208 563 7177.
  • 2You will receive a phone call from one of our friendly team who will book your appointment at a time to suit you. You will then receive an email which will confirm your appointment time, give you some additional information and contain the link you need to join the video consultation.
  • 3Please complete the optional smile questionnaire (you will also receive a link to this in your email) prior to your video consultation. This is to help us identify the best options for your smile (it should take less than 2 minutes).
  • 4The video consultation will be held through a video chat platform which you can gain access through your computer, table or mobile phone. At the time of your scheduled appointment, all you need to do is click the link in your email, which will open up a browser. You will be held in a virtual waiting room until one of our Dentists begins the consultation.
  • 5Your video consultation will be completely confidential and will not be recorded by the practice, the dentist or by the video conferencing platform. No personal details will be stored on the platform, except for those presented during the free account sign-up.

    Our dentists, will be in a private room and we recomment that you do the same to ensure the call is completely confidential.

Meet the Dentists

Please see below our friendly team of dentists that are available for a video consultation.

Video Appointment Booking Form

Please complete the booking form below to request a video appointment.


Please complete our Smile Questionnaire

To help us identify the best options for your smile (it should take less than 2 minutes).

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the question to reveal the answer.


What software will I need to attend the video consultation?

Please sign up to the ZOOM video chat, it's free and easy to use. Simply click on this link ( ZOOM Free Signup ) and following the on screen instructions.

Is ZOOM secure to use?

Zoom Communications are established using 256-bit TLS encryption – you can visit Zoom Security for more information.

Do I need a login code to access my video appointment?

Yes, you will need your apppointment code that will be provided to you by the practice via email.

How will my appointment commence?

Once you click the meeting link you will be directed to a virtual waiting room where you will be asked to wait until your host starts the meeting. At the time of your appointment, one of our dentists will ‘admit’ you into the appointment. Your audio and camera should automatically be enabled, but if you need to enable them, this is a simple process using buttons available on screen.

Do I need to prepare anything for my appointment?

It is not essential, but if possible and to help us identify the best options for your smile, please could you complete our Online Smile Questionnaire.

How do I cancel my video appointment?

Please contact the practice on 020 8563 7177.

Can anyone have a video appointment?

Yes, so long as you are over the age of 18, we will try and answer any treatment questions you may have.

Can I have an emergency video appointment?

If you have a dental emergency (such as extreme pain or swelling) then please call 020 8563 7177.

New Patients Welcome

With our convenient location, friendly and highly experienced team and choice of accessible NHS dentistry and expert, high quality dental treatments as well as groud floor surgeries for wheelchair access, flexible opening times and a choice of payment options - visiting the dentist just got a whole lot easier. Register or book an appointment online today.

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